Redundant Equipment Collection from KET

Here at Keith Elkington Transport, we are aways looking for ways that we can expand the service we offer to our clients, which is why we can now remove redundant equipment from your site.

As foodservice operations receive new deliveries of catering equipment, they then have to deal with the struggle of disposing of their old equipment, which can be a very difficult task to undertake.

Businesses have to be responsible for the correct disposal of their waste and any failure to comply with these laws can result in a fine in excess of £5,000 for not just the company, but also its directors.

This service which is now offered by KET will ensure that your business never has to suffer from these detrimental fines – we will always ensure that both catering and refrigeration equipment is disposed of in the proper way.

The addition of this service is also part of our continual effort to be green. Our company is constantly striving to be environmentally friendly and will ensure that once the items have been removed they are then recycled by registered centres, with only two per cent of these going to landfill.

We are proud to be able to deliver equipment to the trickiest of spots and the same applies for collections, so whether it’s an old combination oven on the seventh floor or a broken dishwasher in the basement, our expert team can manoeuvre it out for you.

If you are currently an existing Keith Elkington Transport customer and are set to receive a delivery from us then please let us know if you would like us to dispose of your old equipment too, we’d be more than happy to help.

Call the team now on 01908 585894.