Meet our Warehouse Operations Manager

Keith Elkington Transport’s Warehouse Operations Manager, Joao Cavalinhos, has been with the team less than a year but has quickly become an integral part of day to day work.

Joao has been with us since February and his role involves planning for the vehicle loading and delegating tasks to the team, ensuring that any challenges that come with certain deliveries are briefed beforehand.

Other tasks Joao takes care of include stock takes, stock counts and ensuring that all the goods that we received are booked in and have had the proper quality to checks to make sure there are no damages to products.

With a past in the paper and printing industry, foodservice is a whole new industry for Joao, who commented that the operation is much more standardised than what he’s used to – but he has taken to the ins and outs of the industry with ease.

Joao said: “I learn something new at KET every day whether it’s by speaking to people or seeing the products that we transport.

“Each day is different, it’s a constant challenge and is full of new things which is great – because we handle bulky units, that vary in size and weight, we need to plan every operation in detail.”

Joao’s biggest challenge at the minute is setting the foundations to allow the company to grow, by creating a develop a process to allow a smooth operation and by standardising the tasks that we do every day.

“While the company keeps on growing,” he said, “our company needs to adapt to the reality that we will be handling more units every and that our accuracy will need to stay spot on.

“We must always ensure that every delivery is correct and that every customer will be happy with the service that we provide.”