Meet Our Team: Jonathan Bridges

Jonathan Bridges has been a HGV Driver at Keith Elkington Transport (KET) for just over four years, and has used his experience to make a huge leap into the catering industry.

With a background in engineering, Jonathan’s career at KET began with a lack of knowledge of the foodservice industry, but using the skill he has taken from past professions, he was able to get stuck into the difficult and awkward deliveries that KET deal with on a day to day basis.

Delivering catering equipment can be tough, due to the size of the equipment and often where it needs to be installed – but in the last four years, Jonathan has tackled deliveries in narrow fire escapes which lead to third floor attics, spiral staircases leading to cellars, as well deliveries of catering equipment through narrow corridors and low ceilings.

Jonathan said: “The job can throw up some surprises, especially with the destinations where we deliver and install equipment – we have completed projects all over England, up in Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland and even as far as Paris, which have all brought pleasant locations and venues.”

During his time at Keith Elkington Transport, Jonathan has visited Olympic stadiums, well-known cricket grounds, Premiership football clubs, government facilities, as well as delivering to the recent Rugby World Cup event.

“All in all, there is nothing more pleasing on the return trip home than having a satisfied customer, an empty vehicle and the challenge completed – knowing that the experience can be used again in the not too distant future.”

To find out more about Keith Elkington Transport can conquer difficult deliveries of catering equipment for you, give the team a call on 01908 585894.