Employing Technology to Refine our Offering

As well as providing logistical solutions for the foodservice industry, Keith Elkington Transport also run a highly efficient warehousing operation.

In order to run this effective service, we make use of Stirling Solutions which is a warehouse management system that allows us to have full control of our stock instantly.
We use the software, which has been developed for the logistics and haulage industry, for all warehousing operations as it allows us to identify and locate all of our stock quickly.

Every task that the Keith Elkington Transport team do has to be recorded on Stirling so that we can track all our work, ensuring that we know what needs to be completed and when by.

Our Warehouse Operations Manager, Joao Cavalinhos, said: “The greatest benefit of using Stirling is that it allows us to always have updated information about anything within the operation, such as if we have new units coming in or we are doing a stock take.”

The system allows all of the team to work in the same platform, meaning everyone is organised and working across the same platform.

“For our customers, the benefits are seeing what they have in their stock and seeing what products need to come in or out,” said Joao.

“Thanks to Stirling, all of our customers have all the information about their stock and their movements at any time.”

If you are looking for a cost-effective warehousing solution that can be integrated with your transport, contact Keith Elkington Transport now.

All our warehousing customers will benefit from the online portal provided through Stirling Solutions, as well as full quality control checks and monthly or quarterly stock takes.

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